Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Well it's been a while since I've last updated my blog. Things have been a bit crazy (as always). If I don't stay on top of things they seem to slip away rather quickly! The boys have started football and they are practing three nights a week and it is wearing me out already! They are so excited to play so it's worth every minute just to see them so happy.

This week is our second week of bootcamp, today was our second day this week. I seem to be getting stronger because the workouts are getting easier for me to do and to finish. We are focusing more on cardio this week and most likely the remaining week ahead. Today we climbed hills (30 times) and did a total of 100 squats with over head raises using 10lb weights...we jogged back to the gym (which I would estimate a slight bit under a 1/2 a mile, but then again I'm really bad at estimating) All I know is I jogged it all and didn't stop which is great for me considering the first day I could only about a minute before I had to stop and walk. We did probably around 500 crunches and tons and tons of shoulder and arm workouts...I lost count!!! I have only lost two pounds on the scale...but I'm not really to worried about that. I know that in the beginning it comes off slow and that is really the healthiest way to lose weight. I feel like I have lost some inches already by the way my clothes are fitting. I don't think it would be enough for anyone else to tell but my jeans and shirts aren't so snug. My eating has not been 100% perfect as far following their meal plan, but I am also human. I am very cautious about what I do eat and I do not over eat. I feel as if my diet is very well balanced with protein, good carbs, veggies and fruits, so I am not to concerned with it. I try not to obsess over food because it usually backfires on me. Overall, I feel great, I feel confident, and I'm feeling alot firmer!! I stayed loyal to my commitment last week and did one hour of cardio Thursday, Friday and Saturday along with 400 crunces. I rested on Sunday. I am confident all of my work is going to pay off soon!! Felicia and Jamie are still in there sticking it out with me every morning. They are doing great and looking great too!! Thanks for all your support!!!


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  1. I know what you mean about trying not to obsess about food!! I had some really good sushi on friday night and literally I have been dreaming about eating it over and over again everynight since then!! I think I have a problem!! Hello, my is Chelsea and I have a food obessesion!! Oh what the hell! We are southern girls!! We are suppose to love food!! If only it didn't go straight to our asses and hips!! Wow, I kind of went on a little crazy rant! Sorry! Keep it up girl!! You will be so proud of yourself when it's over!!