Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Well it's been a while since I've last updated my blog. Things have been a bit crazy (as always). If I don't stay on top of things they seem to slip away rather quickly! The boys have started football and they are practing three nights a week and it is wearing me out already! They are so excited to play so it's worth every minute just to see them so happy.

This week is our second week of bootcamp, today was our second day this week. I seem to be getting stronger because the workouts are getting easier for me to do and to finish. We are focusing more on cardio this week and most likely the remaining week ahead. Today we climbed hills (30 times) and did a total of 100 squats with over head raises using 10lb weights...we jogged back to the gym (which I would estimate a slight bit under a 1/2 a mile, but then again I'm really bad at estimating) All I know is I jogged it all and didn't stop which is great for me considering the first day I could only about a minute before I had to stop and walk. We did probably around 500 crunches and tons and tons of shoulder and arm workouts...I lost count!!! I have only lost two pounds on the scale...but I'm not really to worried about that. I know that in the beginning it comes off slow and that is really the healthiest way to lose weight. I feel like I have lost some inches already by the way my clothes are fitting. I don't think it would be enough for anyone else to tell but my jeans and shirts aren't so snug. My eating has not been 100% perfect as far following their meal plan, but I am also human. I am very cautious about what I do eat and I do not over eat. I feel as if my diet is very well balanced with protein, good carbs, veggies and fruits, so I am not to concerned with it. I try not to obsess over food because it usually backfires on me. Overall, I feel great, I feel confident, and I'm feeling alot firmer!! I stayed loyal to my commitment last week and did one hour of cardio Thursday, Friday and Saturday along with 400 crunces. I rested on Sunday. I am confident all of my work is going to pay off soon!! Felicia and Jamie are still in there sticking it out with me every morning. They are doing great and looking great too!! Thanks for all your support!!!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

4 X 4....

Yeah so that's my nickname our trainer "Dawson" gave me today. See everyday he thinks he's oh so clever and comes up with these nicknames for me...so far I've been "little bit", "lil momma", "lil sister" apparently the guy doesn't remember my name is Angela! ha! So today while I'm doing calf raises ( a total of 600, thank you) he yells out..Let's go 4 X 4!! WHA? I looked at him sideways and just didn't get it. I mean when your short and wide it doesn't set to well when someone calls you 4 X 4!! I mean even Felicia was like wow that's a little damper on the self esteem. Apparently the reason for the nick name is because of the truck I drive. The other trainer was telling Dawson about my truck this morning and how he thought it was funny how such a short girl was driving such a big truck...he said " yeah I saw her pulling up this morning in her 4 X 4 pick up...." SO I guess Dawson thought 4 X 4 would be the appropriate nick name for me today. Hopefully Monday he will have a different name for me!!

Well today was our third day and we did legs...it was pretty brutal as I had expected. I got through it just fine though. We've had a few people drop out, but mostly everyone has stuck through it this week. I must say I feel so great! Not only physically but mentally as well. I have so much energy and lot of my emotional problems that I was dealing with in the past have lightened so much ( I am going to write a special blog about that later). We don't have bootcamp again until Monday. We are instructed to continue working out the rest of the week doing one hour of cardio and 400 to 500 crunches. I plan on taking Sunday off though to let my body rest. I believe everyone needs an "off" day. It gives you something to look forward to you and you won't get burn out. I find myself thinking " I can't wait till next Monday" which is so crazy because when I'm there I hate it and it hurts and it's almost two hours of hell...but as soon as I walk out that door I feel so amazing. It's like a high that no drug or alchohol could ever give you. It's a feeling of accomplishment and knowing that you are doing something wonderful for yourself. When you are there working your butt off the emotions are so high. When I'm being pushed, I feel like I hate my trainer for making me do all of this and I almost feel like I'm being punished or something. But then when it's all over you just want to hug him and say "thank you"!! They are your cheerleaders and truly have an interest of helping you transform your body and helping you become that person that you want to be....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Today was our second day of bootcamp. I woke up this morning feeling pretty darn good and energized. I got there at 5 a.m. this morning and was greeted by my trainer telling to do three sets of walking lunges and three sets of hills (running up a steep hill 5 times and walking down, harder than it sounds) DO WHAT?? I mean I didn't think this thing was going to be easy but I didn't think they were going to try to kill me..ha! Each set of the walking lunges consisted of about 50 or more lunges each time...KILLER! My legs were seriously numb by the end of the sets. Then we were instructed to jog (or walk briskly ;) back to the gym (about 3/4 of a mile) and do 500 crunches. The we ended our session with three sets of 50 lateral pull dows, three sets of 50 bicep curls, three sets of 50 pulleys, and three sets of 50 back extensions, We were done by 6:40 a.m. I felt great after leaving the gym today, although I couldn't quite finish all of the reps I did my very best and pushed myself to the limit. You got to admit three set of 50 of anything is not a walk in the park! I bought some icy hot today for my muscles..they are pretty sore. I am hoping after a hot bath and some icy hot I will feel a little better, but other than that I feel pretty good. Our trainer warned us today that tomorrow is going to be hard. We are working legs!! So I'm pretty sure that's going to consist of crazy amounts of squats, lunges, dips, so on and so forth.. This is my weakest area. I dread everytime I have to work out my legs, and of course that is the part of my body that needs the most work. However, even though I'm really not looking forward to it but I am up for the challenge!! I love a good challenge anyways! Bring it on! My eating has been very clean the past two days which hasn't been to hard for me anyways since I love veggies, and most all "health" foods anyways. I love doing a roasted veggie medley with olive oil. Tonight I mixed fresh mushrooms, asparagus, squash, and tomato and roasted them in my little convection oven. YUM!! Felicia and Jamie are doing GREAT as well. I am so blessed to have them by my side every morning doing this with me. They are awesome and I believe that a part of my success will be because of their awesome support! Until tomorrow...

Thanks for reading!!!

My Highlights:

BEST: Getting some new kicks and work out gear today! My husband loves me :)

WORSE: Going to the grocery store today with my husband. I had my own basket and he had his own. Of course mine is filled with fresh veggies, lean protein and so on...HIS is filled with cookies, chips, pop and every kind of junk food that you can imagine. THEN he throws some salt and vinegar chips (my biggest weakness) in my basket while I was in the bathroom, and I come back and he says "here honey I know you love these so I got them for you" WHAT? Are you serious? I quickly put them back and gave him a quick nutrition 101 lesson there in the store!! Although he had the best of intentions...he just didn't get it! Bless his heart!

Oh and V8 has got to be the nastiest stuff I've ever put in my mouth. I am not a picky person at all but GEEZ LOUISE...I tried chasing it with everything too and still wanted to puke...

Monday, August 17, 2009

The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender....

Yep...that's my new motto. As most of my readers know I started a four week intense workout bootcamp. Why? Because I am tired of feeling down about the way I look and I am tired of not looking good in my clothes. I am also a HUGE believe in exercise for mental health as well. I've never been diagnosed with depression, but I've noticed my moods are usally based on my eating habits, sleeping patterns, and if I'm exercising or not. If I eat bad, get out of my sleep pattern, and slack on the excersise I become irritable, have mood swings, and feel really depressed. SO I look at exercise as not only a way to make yourself feel really HOT, but also as a tool to stay in the best mental health possible without the use of medication. Getting to the point......I've decided to blog about my boot camp experience to help keep me accountable, focused, and maybe give a little inspiration to someone who deals with weight issues. I had heard about these boot camp series.. session.. whatever you call it, that different gyms were offering primarily in Oklahoma City. I knew of at least two people who went through a 6 week camp and achieved awesome results. Fortunately the local gym in Tuttle (about 20 min away from my house) was offering a boot camp so I decided to take the four week challenge. It is three days a week from 5:00 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. and it comes with a simple meal plan to help boost your metabolism and keep you on track during the boot camp. They say 70% of weight loss is what you eat. Our group consist of about 15 people (mostly guys) and two trainers. Today we did some cardio and strength training. I have done some pretty intense workouts in the past, so I didn't really think much of it when I signed up. WOW!! I realized today just how out of shape I really am and weak I am. I couldn't finish all the reps and I seriously felt like I was going to pass out a time or two. I must admit I am quite embarrassed. In fact, I came home this morning feeling pretty discouraged about myself, and a little worried because in the past when I start feeling discouraged that's when I usually give up. BUT I REFUSE TO GIVE UP ON THIS!! It's not going to be easy and waking up at 4:15 a.m. is not the funnest nor easiest thing I've ever done but that's what I'm willing to do in order to conquer my weaknesses. I am determined to overcome it and start living a more healthier lifestyle...and look good doing it :) THANKFULLY I have two awesome friends going through this with me as well, Felicia and Jamie. I worked with them at the law firm and I couldn't imagine having any better support than those two. They are both hilarious so they keep it fun and they both struggle with the same issue I do so they know and understand what I am going through. I am looking forward to tomorrow and continuing the journey to the new Angela!!

Below I am going to post a few highlights of the morning!!

FUNNIEST: The big black trainer telling Felicia she must be watching to much BET based on the way she was sticking her booty out while doing squats...guess he didn't feel like her back was arched enough!!

WORSE: When I couldn't do the inner thigh squeezes with 70lbs and everyone else could...the trainer said my inner thighs must have never seen the light of day (meaning there is NO muscle in there)

EMBARRASING: When we first got there they took our mesaurments and mine are as follows 36" chest 29 1/2" waist 44" hips!!!! YES!! I didn't type that wrong..my hips are 44" I mean what kind of body ratio is that? I guess one good thing is I can sure have those babies huh!!!

BEST: Really just getting through the morning and not giving up...

Stayed tuned for more to come on my progress....